The Flash S2E11- The Reverse-Flash Returns Review!

The Reverse Flash returns this week on The Flash!


As they say in the episode, this is his origin, that being the Reverse Flashes. It was awesome to see how the Reverse Flash came to know about The Flash, Cisco, Harrison etc. It really tied into season 1 nicely and it was great to see The Reverse Flash back.

The whole time travel stuff was really cool to see come back as well. With Cisco nearly being erased from the timeline. It’s just such great geeky goodness and I’m so glad the people behind the show have the balls to delve into it.

Patty and Barry seemingly split. It was pretty heart breaking to watch, especially because Patty was such an incredible character. She eventually finds out about Barry being The Flash and they have a nice little moment that ends the episode. Barry not being selfish and not telling Patty who he is so she doesn’t stay and pursues her dreams just shows how strong and heroic Barry is. I wouldn’t have been able to do what he done.

Francine and Iris made up this episode with Francines time winding down. It was great to see Iris forgive Francine. The West family continues to become closer and closer and its just a really great emotional ride.

We got some more of the Jay being sick stuff. It all tied back into the team needing to take down Zoom. It was kind of disappointing that they couldn’t create a little sub plot about it but it was ok. I did enjoy the reveal of Earth-1 Jay Garrick being Hunter Zolomon.

There was a weird thing with this episode where after Cisco finds out that Reverse-Flash is here it immediately jumps to Barry meeting Reverse-Flash. It felt really jarring and that it didn’t fit. Really ruined the flow of the show for a good 5-10 minutes.

The Reverse Flash returned and it made for a great episode.


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