Arrow S4E11- A.W.O.L. Review!!!

This week on Arrow Shadowspire rained hell down on Star City!


I really enjoy the episodes where they focus on Diggle, he is such a great character and more times than not he gets the short end of the stick. So I was really happy with this episode.

I loved the Andy/John dynamic this episode. Seeing them make up and come together was brilliant. I’m really enjoying this redemption of sorts for Andy, they are doing a great job with it. I loved seeing them in the flashbacks to, you got a lot more back story and how they were as brothers before what is happening currently. The ending was also fantastic with Andy being out of jail and meeting John’s family, such a great pay off.

Shadowspire was an interesting villain team. They weren’t exactly fleshed out but they posed a threat. I also enjoyed how they tied Shadowspire into Oliver’s flashbacks. Argus and Amanda Waller returned this episode also. This had pretty big consequences with Amanda dying. This puts all of Argus in flux and it kind of came out of nowhere. Something tells them they killed her off because DC are using Waller in Suicide Squad and they don’t want two incarnations of the character out at the same time, kind of like Deadshot last season.

Goth Felicity made a return this week in hallucinations. I loved all of this stuff, seeing Felicity battle with herself was great and I love goth Felicity. I also really enjoyed all of the relationship stuff with Felicity and Oliver. It was just classic romance stuff and it worked well.

Laural and Thea don’t have much to do this episode, they were sort of just around. This episode they also referenced Oracle in regards to Felicity and Oliver says that name is already taken hinting that Barbara Gordon exists in this universe as well as Batman?? If that is the case its awesome but I doubt anything will come out of it.

Arrow put the focus on Diggle and had a great episode.



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