DC’S Legends of Tomorrow S1E2- Pilot, Part 2 Review!

This week on Legends of Tomorrow the team make a play to take out Savage.


The second part of the pilot for Legends of Tomorrow really got itself into a nice groove and got rid of all the parts that didn’t work in the first part. This episode was great, it had a bit of everything and it all worked wonderfully.

We got to see a little more of how villainous Savage was. Seeing him in different parts of his life was great and they do a really good job of setting him up. I also liked how we got a look at Damien Dahrk in the 70’s. It really tied into Arrow nicely and its always great to see Dahrk, even if it is for just a moment, it gives him history and connections that you didn’t know he had.

Savage proved his villainy by killing Carter. This was really unexpected, I didn’t think they would kill off a main cast member in the second episode but they did. This gave the whole team great motivation and gave Kendra a little extra motivation as well. This was played out really well and I can’t wait to see how Kendra evolves in the coming episodes without Carter.

This episode also had great timeline moments. I liked how they gave us a look at how a little thing can completely change the timeline. Ray dropping a piece of his suit and Savage getting it meant that Central City was in ruins by 2016. It gave the episode stakes and it was just really awesome stuff.

With the timeline stuff also Martin Stein met younger Martin Stein. This ended happily but it was great to see the interaction between younger and older Stein. It was so much fun seeing how Stein was as a young man and I loved all of the stuff with Sara in terms of this, she was really funny this episode.

This episode also featured some of the best action I’ve seen on TV. Having big wide shots of every team member fighting was incredible. I can’t wait to see more of it because its just so awesome.

Legends of Tomorrow got into its groove this week and had another stellar episode.


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