Supergirl S1E12- Bizarro Review!

This week on Supergirl Bizarro made her much anticipated debut!


Bizarro was great this episode, they really bought her to life perfectly and faithfully adapted who Bizarro is. I love the victim angle they spin on her, it gave a character that’s normally one note some depth. I also love the Bizzaro/Supergirl moment at the end, having Supergirl be there for Bizarro was beautiful and them coming together was a great way to end there arc.

With Bizarro came big implications for Maxwell Lord. Maxwell still doesn’t establish himself as a good villain, he still feels one note and boring even with him knowing Kara’s secret. They really need to do some work with him and make him a little more layered, hopefully with him now in prison we might get that.

The whole Adam/Kara date thing was pretty bad to. Blake Jenner still feels wooden in the role and the whole affair was played out badly. There was no emotional investment or anything like that, just simply a waste of time. I’m glad that this is over and we can move on.

Although out of the Adam/Kara stuff Winn finally called Jimmy out on his blatant love for Kara. I really liked this, its great to finally hear him say it and I’m glad Winn was the one to do it. But then that brings me to Winn/Kara, they still haven’t resolved what happened a couple episodes ago and now they are sort of just back to normal? This show bites more than it can chew with the love stuff and its getting old.

I’m really interested to see how they approach the Jimmy/Kara stuff moving forward. Especially since Jimmy confessed that he loves Kara to Bizarro. I hope we don’t get another love triangle thing with Lucy but I hope something big comes out of this.

The fight scenes in this episode were great, seeing Bizarro and Supergirl go at it was a treat.

Supergirl had a good episode that introduced Bizarro to great effect!



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