Agent Carter S2E4- Smoke & Mirrors Review!

This week on Agent Carter we got some back story on Whitney and Peggy.


I really loved how they showed the origins of sorts to Peggy and Whitney. It worked really well and seeing how both of these characters came to be was brilliant. Whitney’s story really shown how woman were degraded back then and never thought that they could be anything as well as on top of that having a bad upbringing. They make you understand her psychology of sorts and you feel bad for her.

Peggys was also quite tragic. Finding out she was engaged before meeting Steve and seeing how she became a spy was great. She had a great heartbreak with her fiance and that just adds to her heartbreak for Steve. They do a good job of showing how both Whitney and Peggy went about each of their tragedy’s.

Whitney started to embrace her Zero Matter powers, devouring a bunch of mice and Hunt. You’re sort of seeing her turn to villainy and realisation to her what kind of power she has. She has gone from scared to evil and I’m excited to see how far she goes.

Peggy also met with Michael this episode, setting up there rivalry. They have a great back and forth and I’m excited to see where they take this.

Agent Carter focused on fleshing out Whitney and Peggy and it made for a great episode.



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