The Flash S2E12- Fast Lane Review!

This week on The Flash Tarpit was out for revenge!


The Flash has always been a show to not shy away from its comic book roots and this episode was a showcase of that. Harry, found out a way to steal the speed force from Barry and took some of it this episode. This was really awesome, I love all of this stuff and seeing Zoom again consuming that speed force was so cool.

Harry stealing the speed force didn’t last to long though, as the team found out something was up and Harry admitted to stealing it. I like how they didn’t have the team be oblivious to Barry slowing down and I like how they had Harry admit to stealing it and not prolong it out. Having the team decide to band together and give Harry the benefit of the doubt and decide to go to earth-2 to save Jessie is also awesome, Harry really is part of the team now and I like the forgiveness on show by Barry.

The west family continued to grow closer together this episode. I really liked this arc, we got a lot of development in terms of the individual relationships of Wally/Iris and Joe/Wally. Iris pushing Joe to not be Wally’s friend and to be his father was great and I’m glad they put a microscope on that. Wally coming out of his shell and opening up to Iris was also brilliant, you understand more on his motivations for doing what he was doing.

Tarpit’s arc was pretty run of the mill. It wasn’t anything exciting, it was just guy out for revenge story and there really was no development of the character. This was really the weakest part of the episode but I did enjoy the way they bought this arc and the West arc together. It gave the Tarpit arc a much needed boost.

The Flash put the microscope on the speed force and the West family which made for a great episode.



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