Arrow S4E12- Unchained Review!

This week on Arrow, Roy returned to Star City.


It was great to see Roy come back. He had an interesting arc that wasn’t what I expected from him. Seeing Roy suit back up was awesome and he shared some great moments with both Thea and Oliver. The chase scenes with him were also amazing.

Roy was being sort of controlled by the Calculator because he knew that Roy staged the Green Arrow thing back in season 3. The calculator was a pretty interesting villain, he doesn’t show up much but he did have a presence and he had great banter with Felicity who at the end, was revealed to be the Calculators daughter. This was what many had suspected and it’s going to be cool to see there relationship going forward. I do find it hard that Donna was with the Calculator though.

Oliver’s mayoral campaign hit a road bump when Damian Dahrk’s wife announced she was running for mayor also. This is a really interesting play by Dahrk with him putting his wife essentially in the line of fire. This really gives the Mayor plot a boost as it had been sort of coasting the last couple episodes.

Thea’s Lazarus pit subplot got some big revelations this episode, with Thea dying from not indulging in the lust. This was some really awesome stuff and I like how the blood lust now has more to it then just killing. This helped develop Thea a lot more and it was great stuff. This also helped Oliver develop more to, with him deciding to listen to Thea and not doing anything about her problem and to let her make the decision on what to do. It was a great moment and it shows just how far Oliver has come since the start of the series.

Nyssa came back this episode with a proposition for Oliver. Seeing Nyssa go on this mission to get this Lotus that can reverse the Lazarus pit effects is awesome. It also led to Katana making a appearance which was great to see. Nyssa tells Oliver that she will give him the Lotus if he kills Malcolm. This sets up another villain sub plot and I can’t wait to see how this unfolds with Oliver and Malcolm.

The flashbacks have been sort of been meh for the last couple seasons but this episode threw a spanner in the works with Shado coming back in vision form and guiding Oliver to get rid of his darkness. This is interesting but the flashbacks have gotten really wacky in the last couple seasons and this is no different.

Arrow had some big movements in its plot in an episode with Roy returning leading to a brilliant episode.



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