DC’S Legends of Tomorrow S1E3- Blood Ties Review!

This week on Legends of Tomorrow the team tries to cut Savage’s funds!


Legends of Tomorrow has been a show that has gotten great success from having unusual pairings of characters working together and this episode was no different.

Sara and Rip went out together to cut savages money, which they believed to be his power. Seeing these two together was great and I really like how Sara opened up with Rip. They both wrestle with being monsters in there own way and it bought a lot of great emotional weight out. Seeing them both help each other out of there states was really played out well. Seeing Sara cut loose again was also awesome, the fight choreography is amazing.

Leonard, Mick and Jax went to Central City to steal a emerald. This was really a Leonard focused plot, who came out of his shell when meeting his younger self and father. He opened up and showed a lot of emotional to his younger self and it was a side that we haven’t seen from Leonard, it was nice to see a bit of humanity from him. He also showed a lot of character development, with him stealing the emerald so his dad doesn’t go to jail and his childhood would be good. You can tell he didn’t want to have the life he has now and even though what he done didn’t work he still progressed a ton as a┬ácharacter.

Martin and Ray looked to save Kendra. This was the weakest of the plots, even though it was cool to see Ray go into Kendra’s blood stream and shoot things it just wasn’t all that great. Stein and Ray had some nice moments but it just didn’t hit like it should have and nothing really came from it.

Vandal Savage reappeared and with him some more information on Rip. Finding out that Rip could have killed Savage but couldn’t bring himself to do it really showed the struggle inside of Rip, he couldn’t kill the man that killed his whole family.

Vandal was actually super cool this episode to. Finding out that he had Carter’s body and used it to drink his blood so that he can have more of his essence is super disgusting but so villainous to. More interesting is that people other then Savage can drink it and add to there years.

In this episode we got the line about Rip seeing Dark Knights fall and Men of Steel dying, obviously hinting at Superman and Batman. This line could be totally throw away or it could come to be something but its just such a cool line that I had to mention it.

Legends of Tomorrow had a great episode that saw unusual pairings and sides to characters we haven’t seen.



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