Supergirl S1E13- For The Girl Who Has Everything Review!

This week on Supergirl Non struck whilst Kara was in dream land!


The dream sequence stuff with Kara was pretty weak. There really wasn’t much to it and it sort of made the episode drag a little. You didn’t get a look into her life on Krypton nor at how her relationship was with her family on there.

This episode promised a look at young Kal-El and it was disappointing also. His barely even in it and has only a couple lines. He just felt shoe horned in and they wasted a great opportunity to flesh out Kara and his relationship.

They only good thing to come out of this dream sequence type thing was Alex. A strong performance by her really propelled this arc. You really saw how much Kara means to her and her speech to bring her back was really touching.

Non and Astra plan to complete the miriad plan. This part of the episode didn’t get to much spotlight but it was good and will have big implications going forward. Seeing Kara cut loose and beat down Non was awesome, it’s nice to see her unchained every now and then.

We also got to see Martian Manhunter vs Astra which was epic and the ending, with Alex killing Astra is massive. Astra dying will really light a fire under Non and the rest and it will be interesting to see how they react. Although Kara was pretty mellow on her dying, yes she was sad but she should have been mad to, Astra is one of the few family members who are left and she sort of just passed it off.  This reaction made Hank taking the fall for Astra dying not hit all that well.

There were a couple really cool moments in this episode as well. Hank acting as Kara having to deal with Cat was hilarious and the ending with Alex, Winn, Jimmy and Kara together was really nice.

Supergirl had an ok episode that will be sure to have big implications going forward.



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