Agent Carter S2E5- The Atomic Job Review!

This week on Agent Carter Peggy pulls a team together to steal some atomic bombs.


Whitney was out to steal some Atomic bombs this episode. She has quickly taken a turn to the dark side. She is quite scary now, her villainous side as well as her innocent side make for quite a scary and compelling villain.

Peggy bought together a rag tag group to stop Whitney from stealing atomic bombs. This was more to disarm the bombs and take whats actually bad in them but it was fun. Seeing this sort of misfit team that Peggy bought together was really funny and the slow mo walk to the camera was hilarious and great.

Sousa had a big episode this week with him proposing to his wife and then quickly getting dumped. His wife finding out the truth behind Sousa’s move sort of came out of nowhere and there wasn’t much build up to it but it gives Sousa a bit more character development. His eventual meeting with Peggy about there history is winding up quite nicely.

Whitney and Peggy came face to face which didn’t end nicely for Peggy. There confrontation was great and Peggy learning just how Whitney is will better prepare her for there next encounter.

Agent Carter pulled together a rag tag group of heroes which made for a good episode.



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