The Flash S2E13- Welcome To Earth-2 Review!

This week on The Flash, Barry, Cisco and Harry travel to Earth-2.


This episode was awesome. The Flash has always been a show that pushes the boundaries of adapting comic book stuff and this episode was no exception. Seeing Earth-2, something I never thought I would ever see in live action is incredible and it was just so much fun.

Seeing how different life is for all of the characters on Earth-2 was pretty awesome. I really liked how they had Barry live in Earth-2 Barry’s shoes for a bit. It really helped give us an idea of the life of Barry on this earth and the people around him. Having Barry be married to Iris and Barry talking to his mother was really emotional, it really was perfect world Barry life and you could tell that even though he was confused he enjoyed it.

In terms of other Earth-2 stuff, Joe is a singer, Iris is a detective, Deadshot is a police office, Snart is mayor, Caitlyn is Killer Frost, Ronnie is Deathstorm and Captain Singh is a criminal. Seeing this sort of shake up is awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed a different look at this world.

In terms of Joe and Barry, they aren’t on the same page. Even though it isn’t there real relationship it still kind of hurt to see the two not get along. Also with Joe, Killer Frost kills him, the consequences of Barry and the rest being here has already had great consequence and it brings along the question of if they should have came.

Cisco also had a run in with his doopleganger. His Doopleganger is just a full on badass villain who works under Zoom like Deathstorm and Frost. Seeing there interaction was really fun and Cisco seeing what he could be could push him to explore his powers.

In terms of Zoom, he captures Barry and is holding him hostage. Seeing Zoom reappear was extremely scary and the way he instilled fear in all of the villains really shows that he is a menace. I’m really interested to see how Barry and Zooms interactions are next episode.

Back on Earth-1 Jay needs to become The Flash to stop a meta. This Earth-1 stuff is pretty standard and comes second to Earth-2 but its still nice. Finding out the reason Jay doesn’t have powers is because of Velocity-6 really helped explain why he was so against Barry taking it. Seeing Jay suit back up was also really cool, now that he has Velocity-7 in his system.

As well as the meta, back home the breach is broken and Jay has to fix it. Jay hasn’t had a lot to do of late so its nice to see him have something. But with 24 hours left until they need to come home it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

The Flash ventured to Earth-2 in what made a great episode.



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