Arrow S4E13- Sins of the Father Review!

This week on Arrow, the team tried to find a way to cure Thea.


This episode was big. Nyssa and Malcolm waged war against each other and it was awesome. Seeing two different leagues come together and battle was great but it was kind of hard to follow the action in these parts given they all wear the same suit.

Malcolm got some nice development also. I really liked his speech about how important the league is to the world and why he needs to stay as head no matter, even if it means his daughter dies. It showed he wasn’t doing it just for power but for something bigger then him or the people he loves.

Nyssa was still out for Malcolm. We got some nice callbacks to season 3 with Laural and Nyssas friendship. We also got a callback to Olivers marriage with Nyssa which played a big factor in the episode. Although I do find it weird Nyssa still walks around calling Oliver her husband.

Of course while these two went at each other Oliver looked for a way to keep everyone alive. Oliver could have easily just killed Malcolm and gotten the Lotus and saved Thea but he didn’t. Oliver not taking the easy way really shows how far he has come from season 1.

Oliver and Malcolm went at it this episode which was awesome. Seeing those two butt heads was fantastic and it didn’t end well with Malcolm who lost a hand and the league. This was some Empire Strikes Back stuff.

There was a big moment with the league being disbanded. Given that they are no more it will be interesting to see what exactly happens to the world, given they are there to keep it in order and balanced.

This episode bought William back into the fray with Malcolm informing Dahrk of Olivers child. This is about to get real personal and now that Malcolm has seemingly turned on Oliver he will have more than just Dahrk to contend with. This will obviously also bring big consequences to his relationship with Felicity.

Felicity reconnected with her father to then quickly disconnect with him. This stuff was sort of meh and predictable. This of course came second fiddle to the main arc but it would have been nice to have there relationship a bit more fleshed out.

Arrow had a big week which lead to a great episode.



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