Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Final Trailer Review!

The final Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer is the trailer we deserve.

I loved the opening of this trailer, the way Batman takes down every single thug with such brutality and ferocity is amazing. Everything I’ve seen from this Batman I have absolutely loved, this is Batman at his finest. I also loved the hands on approach of Alfred, helping Bruce more with his Batman stuff then previous Alfred’s before him. The action is also incredibly well shot, you get a clear look at the action and you never lose yourself in the battle.

The rest of the trailer features mostly quick little new shots and shots we have already seen. I loved the Wonder Woman stuff in the trailer, seeing her jump into what we believe to be a battle with Doomsday was absolutely amazing and we hear her speak for the first time and she sounds 10 times better then I thought.

Superman sort of takes a back seat hear, with him not having any dialogue and only having new scenes with Batman. The little snipets of there fight that they show are frigging amazing, seeing Superman just slap Bruce 50 metres away with ease was amazing. Seeing Superman catch a kick from Batman and fling him away. Seeing Superman grab Batman and launch himself and Bats through a building was intense. Seeing Superman grab a bullet or grenade that Batman launched at him was badass but the money shot comes from Batman who catches a punch from Superman. The look on Supermans face is priceless and this has to be Supermans first contact with Kryptonite.

I liked how they kept the focus of the trailer on Batman V Superman, there was no sight or mention of Doomsday and hardly any Lex in the trailer. They also made the movie look fun, which in the previous trailers they had it dark, this is likely going to help appeal to more people but I prefer the dark approach.

The final Batman V Superman trailer leaves us with a bang and I can’t wait until March 24!



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