Deadpool Review!!

It’s been a long road to get a Deadpool movie on the big screen but thanks to the fans its finally arrived. So has Deadpool fulfilled all of our wildest dreams? Ehh sort of.

I had my doubts going into Deadpool and one of those doubts was the amount of Wade Wilson that they had shown, there was to much for my liking and there is way to much of him in the movie. Yes, Wade Wilson is an important part to Deadpool but they didn’t need to spend that much time with him. I didn’t need to see Wade scare a kid who was a stalker or see that his actually a good guy because thats not what we care about when it comes to Deadpool. The writers and director made an effort to make Wade a little more rounded but it just didn’t work out for them and it hurt the movie. Cutting away from Deadpool for 10-15 minutes really slowed the film down and made patches of the film quite boring.

They take to much time setting up the story and his origin when all they had to do was just have Deadpool break the fourth wall and catch us up to speed in five minutes not most of the god damn movie. If they swapped the screen time of Deadpool and Wade Wilson I would have loved the movie, there just wasn’t enough of Deadpool.

The love story aspect of the movie, that is one of the two themes in the movie was corny but funny. I enjoyed Reynolds and Baccarin, they had great chemistry and they do a really good job of making you feel for there relationship. Although again there was to much of it which made the movie drag and led to some cringe worthy love moments.

The other theme of the movie is revenge. Ajax manages to just scrap past the Marvel villain pitfalls. His not fleshed out or given much development but he does what he is needed to in the plot and his back and forth with Deadpool is fantastic and makes him an interesting villain. Ajax shows you multiple times throughout the film what kind of dude he is and they give you someone to really hate. Angel on the other hand, was pretty much just there to look mean and punch things, she does nothing for most of the movie and could have been played by an extra.

The story isn’t all that complex or special but it didn’t need to be. They really just set up an area for Deadpool to be cut loose on. As is the case with most superhero movies these days, there all in a shared universe and tie in somehow and Deadpool is no different. They tie the X-men into Deadpools world smartly and they don’t throw it all in your face. Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead are fantastic and they have incredible banter with Deadpool. They also had an angle that I didn’t expect in terms of Deadpool and the X-men that had me┬áreal happy.

Deadpools supporting cast was here to in terms of Blind Al and Weasel. Blind Al and Deadpool share some really funny moments and Al herself was fantastic. Weasel on the other hand was a little underwhelming, given they got TJ Miller to play Weasel I expected him to be hilarious but he wasn’t all that funny which was disappointing.

Now lets get to the star of the show Deadpool. He is absolutely amazing. They adapt Deadpool perfectly, his all hear, the wisecracks, one liners and fourth wall breaking. His so hilarious and whenever he is on screen the movie is at its best.

They bought the fourth wall breaking to life perfectly. Deadpool addressing the audience or explaining something to us is always hilarious and you can tell Reynolds had so much fun bringing this character to life. He was the perfect actor to cast as Deadpool. They really don’t hold back and they make great references to a wide array of things.

The action was also incredible. Its shot extremely well and clear, you never get lost in the action. Its incredibly violent to, with blood, guts and heads flying, its just absolute brutality and its so much fun to witness.

The movie also has a ton of easter eggs, some obscure and some more in your face but they are all hilarious and brilliant, from pop culture references to paying homage to the makers its all there. Also the opening credits is incredible.

Deadpool has finally hit the big screen and although there is way to much Wade Wilson then I cared for, it still bought Deadpool in all his glory to the big screen perfectly.



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