DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S1E4- White Knights Review!

This week on Legends of Tomorrow the team traveled to the 80’s at the height of the cold war.


Having the episode be during the cold war was awesome. Seeing these heroes dive into this time is really interesting and dangerous. Seeing the team break into the pentagon and a Russian base was awesome.

Boba Fett returned this episode with a fellow time master who was out to kill Rip. The offer of them sparing Rips life was an interesting one and Rip even for a second believing that it might be true was really dumb but it really adds another layer of danger with the time masters after Rip.

Sara and Kendra had a nice arc where the two of them taught each other on how to control there monsters and let the humanity out. This was a really good arc and the sort of teacher/student part that both Sara and Kendra went through was really well played out, also Kendra letting loose was awesome.

In terms of the cold war, the affects of the team being in the 70’s have had a great effect on the cold war. With the team finding out that they are trying to make a firestorm. This effect on history is so cool and just shows that even seeing one of the team members can change the timeline incredibly.

It will be interesting to see how they build on this issue with Ray, Martin and Rory being held prisoners by the Russians. At this point in the timeline any of them could die given how deadly the Russians are and with Stein there they have what they need to make a firestorm.

Ray and Snart had a funny arc with Snart being the ladies man and Ray not. I like this sort of role reversal if you will and Ray and Snart together is really fun to watch.

Legends of Tomorrow had a great episode that showed how a glimpse at something can change the timeline immensely.


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