The Walking Dead S6E9- No Way Out Review!

The Walking Dead returned this week with a massive episode with some big moments.


While this episode featured many massive awesome moments, the surrounding stuff really didn’t hit. It just fell right into the trap that this series is plagued by and thats meaningless crap. They just have some really pointless scenes and conversations that bring nothing to the episode and should have been on the cutting room floor.

Negan’s name was mentioned once again this episode, teasing his eventual debut. This scene was what started the episode and it was pretty cool, seeing these bikey guys threaten Abraham, Sasha and Daryl. But the way it ended, with Daryl shooting an RPG and blowing them to bits was awesome, this is what I want from The Walking Dead, just pure badassdom.

Back at Alexandria, it picks up right where we left off with Rick and the group covered in guts. As with everything in The Walking Dead it doesn’t end well and its some of the best stuff in the episode with Rick and the others. A lot happened in a short amount of time, with Jessie, Sam and Ron biting the dust.

Sam bites it first and was easily the hardest one to watch, it was really graphic and to watch a little kid go down like that was hard, they really shot that scene well. Then Jessie went and it was easily the one that hit home hardest, she was such a great character and I loved her and Rick together which made it all the more harder to watch. And then Ron, who went down by Michonnes blade, this was so badass and it felt really good to see that little punk go down.

But Ron didn’t go down without something, as he shot Carl in the eye. This was the moment comic fans had been waiting for and it was really brutal seeing Carl turn around and his eye just be gone and blood everywhere, The Walking Dead really stepped it up with the gore this episode. I’m interested to see how this eye thing effects Carl and Rick in the long run.

Carl losing an eye made Rick go crazy and take on the horde on himself. This was so awesome to see, just crazed Rick out there slicing zombies heads off. This also helped bring Alexandria together as everyone joined in and fought the zombies off and united the town. While this episode was good to kill off unnecessary characters and tighten up the episodes it was a really nice plot device to unite Alexandria as well as develop Rick.

The Wolves member also had a nice arc this episode. With him saving his hostage and having a change of heart. Of course he bit the dust thanks to Carol but it was nice to see him change and sort of help.

The Walking Dead returned with an episode filled with big moments and not much else.




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