Agent Carter S2E6- Life Of The Party Review!

This week on Agent Carter, Peggy looks to get a sample of Whitneys blood to save Wilkes.


Dottie made her return this week, working with Peggy. It was great to see Dottie return, her and Peggy have great interactions and this episode was no different. I really liked the prison break scene with them, really funny.

Whitney got a big power up this week, becoming the head of the council. Seeing her just let loose with her powers was really scary and now that she is head, she has so much power.

Jarvis and Dottie were both paired up this episode which led to some awesome moments. Jarvis was great this episode and him laying down the law to Dottie was hilarious.

Jack returned this week also, with him being pushed to stop Peggy. Peggy and Jack have always had confrontations but there building this up to be the biggest one yet. Jack really is in over his head here and I’m interested to see how thingsĀ end.

Sousa and Peggy also nearly embraced this episode after Peggy finding out that Sousa isn’t getting married anymore. This is sort of setting up the love triangle with Wilkes which I’m not to keen for. We just don’t need it.

Agent Carter bought Dottie back which led to a great episode.



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