Agent Carter S2E7- Monsters Review!!

This week on Agent Carter, Peggy looks to bring Wilkes back.


Wilkes was bought back to the material world this episode. It was nice to see this finally happen and the little kiss he gave Peggy was nice. You could tell that this was going to happen for a while now but it was still nice to see. Though the containment thing he was in wouldn’t be able to contain a thing, who built that.

Whitney interrogated Dottie this episode to great effect. Seeing, Dottie who isn’t terrified of anything be shaking in her boots by Whitney really shows just how powerful and scary Whitney is.

Jarvis and Ms Jarvis had some nice moments this episode. Ms Jarvis got some needed development and her worry for Jarvis going out on these missions with Peggy is relate able. This development made what happened to her all the more sad.

Wilkes got taken by Whitney, after some weird zero matter business. This was interesting to see, with Wilkes being almost on level footing with Whitney. This could be the key to beating her. On there way out, poor dear Ms Jarvis takes a bullet trying to stop them.

This was pretty tragic to see but it was most tragic seeing Jarvis, who is normally so chipper and happy in the state he was. It hurt to see him hurt and now that he has some stakes in this fight Jarvis will be 10 times over to taking down Whitney.

Agent Carter had another great episode giving Jarvis some stakes in this fight.


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