The Flash S2E14- Escape From Earth-2 Review!

This week on The Flash the team attempted to escape Earth-2 and Zoom.


We pick up right where we left off, with Barry imprisoned by Zoom. We see a little more of Zoom and his reign of terror that his had on Earth-2. Seeing the amount of fear and the pull he has on the people of Earth-2 is terrifying and he continues to be a fantastic villain.

With Zoom is hunting for Harrison Wells, the team embark on a journey to save Barry and Jessie. The group that they pull together consisted of Earth-2  Iris, Caitlyn, Barry and Harrison as well as Cisco. I enjoyed seeing more of who this Earth-2 Barry is, something I was a little disappointed by on the first part. Getting a little idea of the relationship between Earth-2 Iris and Barry was really cool and I enjoyed all of the interactions between the team.

Killer Frost also had a really nice arc this episode. I enjoyed her sort of turn to the good side by helping Harry and the rest get to Zooms lair and then buy them time to escape. It was really nice to see Cisco sort of connect with her and bring the good out in her.

Earth-1 and 2 Barry’s also had interactions this episode. Having Earth-2 Barry give Flash the motivation to get out of Zooms prison and escape was a really nice and great moment. I really enjoyed there interaction and how each of them are heroes in there own ways.

In terms of Earth-1 Barry, he was out to try and find a way out of Zooms prison. This had a really interesting addition to it with the guy in the iron mask. He seems to be someone of quite importance and I’m eager to find out who exactly is under that mask. Barry and Jessie also had some nice moments together.

Back on Earth-1 Geomancer was still out bringing terror down on Central City. We get to see more of Jay suited up doing  his Flash thing and it was really awesome to see. He also got a little boost in his sick plot with Caitlyn finding a way to stop his generating cells for a little bit with Velocity 9.The Geomancer part was ended a bit quick but it was nice to see the girls take him down and not Jay.

The escape back to Earth-1 was also awesome, with Barry, Cisco, Harry and Jessie escaping through the portal. I’m really interested to see how the inclusion of Jessie changes team Flash. But that wasn’t the big part, as Jay after shutting the breach was stabbed through the chest by Zooms arm and taken back into the breach. You could see this coming by the slow mo in the episode but it was still awesome to see. I can’t wait to find out where Zoom and Jay eventually end up and if Jay survives given his degrading cells.

The Flash concluded its second part of its Earth-2 adventure with one of its best episode yet.




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