Arrow S4E14- Code of Silence Review!

This week on Arrow, the demolition crew look to bring down Central City.


Damian Dahrk and his wife reared there ugly heads once again this week. We got to see a little more of the council and the people who Damian works with. One of these people was Malcolm, which is really interesting considering he knows pretty much everything about Oliver meaning Damian knows everything about Oliver.

After last week, William came back into the fold this episode. I liked how Thea found out about William and bought it to Oliver. It was nice to have someone else know and to give Oliver someone to talk to about the issue. Theas talk to Oliver was great and you can tell how much Theas opinion means to Oliver. I also like how they addressed Oliver having thoughts about telling Felicity, I’m glad they outlined his personal struggle on the issue instead of leaving it and letting the audience think he was always 100% not going to tell Felicity.

Damian Dahrks wife Ruve also made an appearance, having a debate with Oliver. I really enjoyed Ruves inclusion, Oliver and her have great interactions together and take little shots at each other whenever they can, which pertains to Arrow stuff. Ruve seems just as smart and cunning as Damian and I love how they are portraying her.

The main Green Arrow plot line was a bit here or there. They didn’t really have any development but they didn’t need it given they are working for Dahrk. I did enjoy all of the action scenes though, they were top notch and there was some brilliant moments. Sledge hammer dude for the win!

Dahrk looked to take out Lance this episode. This whole plot with Lance and Donna was a bit meh and I could have done without it. I understand that it was something that needed to happen, it was normal relationship stuff, but it was just something we have seen so many times over and they done nothing new with it.

Felicity may be able to walk again thanks to Curtis. The whole chip in the spine thing sounds ludicrous but I can buy into it. This was a really emotional exchange between the two and I got teary eyed a bit when watching it. Seeing Oliver and Felicity’s reaction was priceless and its just great to see something good happen in these peoples lives.

The big end scene of this episode had Damian introducing his new house mate to his daughter, that house mate being William. This is massive, with Dahrk  now in possession of William, Olivers hands are pretty much tied. Dahrk can really control him and Oliver is in an impossible position.

Arrow had a great episode that pushed the William plot line a lot.


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