DC’S Legends of Tomorrow- S1E5- Fail Safe Review!!

This week on Legends of Tomorrow the team looked to save Ray, Rory and Martin.


This episode had a very prison break feel to it. Seeing the members of the team who weren’t in jail try and break in was really fun. The action scenes were shot well and seeing them work together to break in was great fun.

I really enjoyed Sara’s little plot in this episode. Having her battle with whether to kill Stein or not was great and I enjoyed Snart’s inclusion in this plot. Having Snart be the one to tell her that it isn’t the right thing to do was really interesting because ┬áhe is the person you lest expected to hear it from. His honor and sort of good in him really showed this episode. Having Sara not kill Stein really showed how far she has progressed since coming out of the pit.

The firestorm plot, with Stein and Jax not getting a long was great as well. Having them need to come together and put aside there differences was played out well. It took one of them being in danger for the both of them to realise how lucky they are to have each other.

I also enjoyed the banter between Stein and Valentina. There sort of cat and mouse game was really fun to watch and both actors had great chemistry. Stein also had some run ins with Savage this episode which also led to some great exchanges between the two.

Ray and Rory tried to survive prison this episode. It was great to see there interactions this episode, they both came from different points and them sort of connecting with Ray taking the hits for Rory was nice and then for Rory to repair the favor by saving him. It showed there mutual respect for each other well.

I really liked the look into the Gulag aswell. Seeing how life was in there and what you had to do to survive was great.

Legends of Tomorrow channeled its prison break this week with a great episode.




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