The Walking Dead S6E10- The Next World Review!

This week on The Walking Dead, Rick and Daryl go out on a supply run that goes bad.


The Walking Dead took a time jump this episode after the events of the last. This was pretty jarring at first, as you jump straight into the episode with it and they make no mention of it but after a brief adjustment period I was on board. We skipped all the fallout crap that this show has meddled with in the past and just got to the destination which I really liked. Seeing how everyone’s life is now after the big events was great and I like how they have gone back to being civilized.

As previously mentioned, Rick and Daryl went on a supply run which went bad.This was a lot of fun, I loved the interactions between Daryl and Rick, there not the normal stuff we’re used to it was fun and not dark. Seeing a happier Rick was also a lot of fun this episode, he was a lot more light hearted and not the serious I’m gunna kill you Rick we’re used to. It was a great change of pace and a welcome surprise.

Jesus made his first appearance this episode. He was a great foil to Rick and Daryl and I really like his character so far. He has a great personality and is really charming but also really cunning. Everytime he encountered Rick and Daryl it was great and some of the best stuff in the episode.

Spencer was out looking to put his mother to rest. This plot was pretty weak, there wasn’t much development and it was kind of just standard fair Walking Dead and it stood out like a sore thumb. Compared to the rest of the episode this was just downer and really bought the episode down for me.

Michonne and Rick finally got together to the comic fans delight. I like this sort of relationship between the two, you could see it coming from a mile away, as they had been teasing it for quite some time but its nice to see it happen and have Rick have something happy in his life.

The Walking Dead time jumped and had a fun main plot which was something different for the series.



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