Supergirl S1E14- Truth, Justice And The American Way Review!

This week on Supergirl, Master Jailer was out for fort Ras prisoners.


Kara got some new competition with Kat hiring a new assistant. Siobhan is a nice foil to Kara in her everyday life and makes her work life a bit more interesting. I would have liked them to spotlight Siobhan a bit more and let us know a little more about her but I would say we will get that in the coming episodes and I like what I’ve seen so far.

Master Jailer made his appearance this episode. He looked pretty awesome and I liked his mission of rounding up the Fort Ras prisoners. This plot really shined with there spotlight on the different aliens. Yes some of them were bad but some were good and I like how they showed that not all of the aliens of Fort Ras are bad now. Some of them have lives and give a lot to the world and I really liked how they showed that.

Kara and Hank are on shakey ground after Astra’s death. Seeing how Kara is with Hank now after her death really hitsĀ hard with the knowledge of Kara eventually finding out who really killed Astra. This is building up nicely.

Jimmy had relationship problems with Lucy. This was sort of out of the blue but his relationship is crumbling because he is doing stuff with Supergirl. This lead to Jimmy wanting to tell Lucy who Supergirl is. This was a weird thing to say, like why would Lucy knowing who Supergirl is fix there relationship? I just don’t understand.

Maxwell Lord was let out of prison thanks to Jimmy. Jimmy’s speech to Kara about the hero she is and how its wrong to keep him here was brilliant. It really hit home and showed how much Jimmy means to Kara.

This weeks Supergirl was nothing special but still good.




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