Agent Carter S2E8- The Edge of Mystery Review!

This week on Agent Carter, Peggy had a trade with Whitney.


We continued to see the effects of Jarvis’s wife being shot take effect on Jarvis. This dark Jarvis was really heart breaking to see, they play it up brilliantly and it was wonderfully acted by James Darcy. It was really different from what we are used to seeing and it was a nice change.

Jarvis’s vengeful self this episode was foolish but awesome also. He has a ton of motivation to kill Whitney after his wife getting shot and now her not being able to have a child. He has a ton of stake in this fight and whilst him driving straight into the fire was stupid I liked how they played it out.

Wilkes went rogue this week thanks to Whitney. The Zero Matter has seemed to gone to his head with help from Whitney. You understand why he is going rogue and helping Whitney because he wants to be whole and this has been teased the last couple episodes. But he sort of jumped really far this episode.

Whitney and Wilkes blowed up the bombs and opened up this zero matter portal. This was kind of cool and I liked how Wilkes was the one that was pulled into it and not Whitney. She didn’t get rewarded for everything that she has done and it sets up an interesting situation with Wilkes. When he wakes up will be evil?? What is he going to be like??

Jack found some dirt on Peggy and it bought it to her attention this episode. This plot sort of fell flat. Peggy just didn’t care and it changed nothing with her. She seemed not at the least phased.

Agent Carter had another good episode that opened up a zero matter portal.



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