Agent Carter S2E9- A Little Song And Dance Review!

This week on Agent Carter we saw the fallout from the opening of the zero matter portal.


The fallout from the zero matter portal took up most of the episode. Seeing Wilkes in this weakened state from the zero matter was cool. He isn’t evil or anything yet but the zero matter was fighting his system so perhaps he does turn to the dark side in the season finale.

I liked the interactions between Peggy and Jarvis in the desert this episode. It showed how much each of them mean to each other and it gave Jarvis someone to get whats on his chest off.

The episode started off a bit weird with Peggy in this sort of dream thing. It just felt really out of place with everyone singing and it literally done nothing. Didn’t push any characters forward or anything, just a wasted 5 minutes of the episode.

Jack double crossed everyone this episode. I really liked this development. It was fitting for his character and even though he double crossed them it was the right thing to do with him blowing up Whitney and Wilkes, the two most dangerous people. I also liked him sacrificing Vernon, he had it coming and it was satisfying to watch it happen.

At the end Wilkes blew up in zero matter glory to kill Whitney. This was kind of crazy and given the bomb didn’t go off, could Wilkes, Vernon and Whitney still be alive and possess a lot of zero matter? The season finale will be interesting.

Agent Carter had another good episode with the fallout from the portal.



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