The Flash S2E15- King Shark Review!!

This week on The Flash Zoom’s identity was revealed and King Shark made his return!


The team dealt with the fallout from the last couple episodes. I liked how they addressed how everyone was doing mentally after a couple hectic weeks. I really liked how we tackled the psychology of Barry and Cisco after what they saw on Earth-2. Barry blames himself for all of the deaths that happened on Earth-2 and as Diggle said, his putting the whole world on his shoulders, like Oliver. Seeing this down and out Barry was pretty heartbreaking and really gave him some more motivation to beating Zoom.

Cisco was afraid of Caitlin turning into Earth-2 Killer Frost. This was a pretty silly plot to have with Cisco worrying about this but Caitlin did show sighs of Killer Frost that warranted his reaction. Caitlin took the death of Jay really hard and you could tell how different she was acting because of it. I’m interested to see how his death continues to affect her as the season goes on.

King Shark made his return which also bought Diggle and Lyla in. This was pretty awesome to see, Diggle and Lyla featured but didn’t have to much screen time, they fitted in nicely with the episode and you understood why they were there. King Shark was awesome, he was terrifying and every encounter he had with The Flash was just so much awesome. The CGI for King Shark was great, I was really impressed given this is TV but they done a brilliant job, well done.

Harry and Jessie didn’t really have much to do this episode. I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get more of there dynamic together, I would make a guess that we will get more of that in coming episodes so I’m fine with that as long as we get it. I was surprised we didn’t get a little more conflict in terms of them being stuck on Earth-1 especially given Jessie wasn’t to happy to find that out last episode. I hope they address this because it makes sense for this to happen, I mean there whole life is gone now there not just going to forget about it.

The long awaited reveal of who Zoom is happened this episode and it was a familiar face. Zoom is Jay Garrick but how you may ask? We don’t know, Jays dead body is laid out on the floor when he takes his mask off, so its not the Jay we knew. My guess is that its a different Earths Jay, maybe Earth-3? Who knows but it opens up a lot of questions. This warrants the reaction the man in the mask had when he heard Jay was on Earth-1. This is really interesting and I can’t wait to find out what exactly is going on.

The Flash defeated King Shark and Zoom was revealed in an awesome episode of The Flash.


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