Arrow S4E15- Taken Review!!!

This week on Arrow Vixen made her live action debut!


Felicity found out about William and Oliver this episode and it wasn’t good news for Oliver. When Felicity found out she took it quite well in terms of her, there wasn’t to big of a fight and she sort of understood which I liked, it didn’t bombard you with it to start.

But by the end of the episode, Felicity came out with her real feelings for it. You understand why she doesn’t want to be with Oliver anymore, he makes decisions without taking her into consideration and when you’re in a relationship that’s what needs to happen, you need to make decisions with your significant other. They done a nice job with this scene and they played with your emotions a lot. From Felicity taking her ring off to her then being able to walk, which is were you thought they were going to embrace but no, she walks out. They toyed with our emotions a lot here and Felicity leaving her wheelchair behind, a symbol of her love for Oliver was heartbreaking.

Oliver looked to Vixen for help to get William back. Seeing Vixen in live action was awesome and seeing her power sets was something different for the show. They really show how wide her powers are and they nail her personality perfectly. They rewarded you for watching her animated series also, with nice little references to things from it.

Dahrk also took a hit this episode with him going down. We found out his source of his powers, being a magical totem. It was cool to find out how he goes all Darth Vader on everyone but I was surprised that they destroyed and imprisoned him. This effectively puts Dahrk out of the running as he is now in prison. It looks like Malcolm will be taking over Dahrk as head villain for the rest of the season. While I was surprised by this, I’m happy it happened. While Dahrk was a brilliant villain, it was getting old having Green Arrow and the team come face to face with him every week. I hope Dahrk still plays a part in the rest of the season put I’m happy they took him out for now.

Samantha came back to town with her son now gone. Her finding out Oliver is the Green Arrow and the person he is now was nice. She now knows that his changed and is a good person and I’m happy that Oliver got her to see that.

Oliver struggled with whether to have a part in Williams life or not. I enjoyed all of Olivers talks with Diggle about children. You really found out how great of a dad Diggle is and how Oliver could be that. But it was Vixen who really had an impact on Oliver. She comes from a place unlike William and really helped open Olivers eyes. She bought more than just her powers this episode and I loved how they had her talk a little sense into Oliver. The life he lives now isn’t fit for a kid and its unfair to William to have to live in that. Olivers video message to William was really emotional, you could tell how much it tore him up inside not having a part in his child life and it hit hard.

Arrow had a stellar episode that changed the game for this season.



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