Daredevil Season 2- Official Trailer 2 Review!!

The second trailer for Marvel’s Daredevil season 2 has dropped and it puts the focus on Elektra.

I really liked how they have released these trailers, the first trailer was focused on The Punisher which is one of the two big plot points of the season and this trailer put the focus on Elektra and the hand, the second big plot of the season.

I loved everything I saw of Elektra, she was really fun to watch and seeing Daredevil and her fight together was awesome. They gave you a look at their dynamic and they tease a bunch of history between the two which I look forward to delving into.

The basic plot points they gave you was that the Yakuza hasn’t been drived out of the city like Daredevil thought they were in season 1. But they hid and now that there are no opposing gangs because of Daredevil there running loose. I like this, it puts a bit of the blame on Daredevil and it will be interesting to see how he deals with that. I also like the drop of that gang being The Hand, I’ve waited for this gang to come into the MCU for a while and this could possibly tie together Daredevil and Iron Fist.

We got a little look at Foggy and Matts relationship this season also. This I’m not to keen on. Foggy is still on Matt for being Daredevil and its just not all that great. I don’t understand why Foggy is still on Matt for it and considering we got that plot in season 1 I don’t need nor want it again.

Daredevil put the focus on The Hand and Elektra in its brilliant second trailer.



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