DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S1E6- Star City 2046 Review!

This week on Legends of Tomorrow, we looked into the future of Oliver Queen and Star City in the year 2046.


This episode was probably the weakest one of the series so far. Whilst I did enjoy it and even when Legends is on its bad day its still better then most. But there just wasn’t enough of the good stuff and to much crap.

Lets start with the crap with that being the Ray/Stein/Jax/Kendra plot. This was just a dumb love triangle type deal that came completely out of left field.  There was no build up from previous episodes and the audience knew what the end of this plot was going to be. This was the definition of filler and the episode would have benefited with these characters taking a week off.

Rory got comfortable in this future to Snarts dismay. I liked this plot, it really done a good job at showing how Snart has evolved. At the start of this season Snart was just in it for the big score but now his there to stop Savage and do something good with his life. I really like his evolution and its refreshing to see something like this.

Rory got settled in this over run criminal land that once was Star City. Seeing Rory in his element was great and I liked the conflict that both Snart and Rory had for this. It really gave the two some drama and showed that there not on the same page anymore. Star City was also fascinating to see. Seeing this over run city was great and they bought it to life brilliantly.

The Sara plot was by far the best and most interesting. Her attachment to this city and the people she used to live in was conveyed brilliantly and despite this future not being set you understand why she is so determined to do something to save it.

We had a new Green Arrow patrolling the city by the name of Connor Hawke. I liked what they did with him, he is an interesting character and I loved the reveal of him being Diggle’s son. This tied him into this universe perfectly.

The big point of this episode was seeing older Oliver Queen, who looks very Dark Knight Returns Oli. This was awesome, seeing this old grizzled Oliver who doesn’t have an arm was epic. He is this grumpy old man but I loved his arc, from him given up on his crusade to coming around and eventually saving the day. I hope to get more of this cool stuff from Legends in the future.

We also got some nice little tidbits in this episode. Grant Wilson, who is Slade Wilsons son and the new deathstroke was awesome to see, I’m glad they done this and didn’t go with Slade again. Palmer Tech had been renamed to Smoak Tech. Everyone but Oliver is dead. That includes- Lance, Laural, Diggle, Felicity, Thea etc. This future is really scary and they done a great job at conveying that.

Legends of Tomorrow had an incredible plot (Oliver Queen/Sara) and an attrocious one (Love Traingle) which made for a conflicting episode.



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