The Walking Dead S6E11- Knots Untie Review!

This week on The Walking Dead Jesus takes Rick and the group to his settlement.


This week we got to have a little peak into Jesus’s group. I really liked how they didn’t give us another hostile group. For the most part they were pretty civil and it was nice to see Rick and the group not have to go full killer on them. It was also nice to see how different things are there, with little stalls and spears, it was something different.

Maggie got a nice little spotlight this episode. I really liked how they had her be the one to negotiate with Gregory, the leader of Jesus’s group. They had a nice back and forth and I’m glad they let Maggie step up and be a little more of a leader. It seems as though Rick is grooming her to be a leader of the group.

We found out more about Negan and the saviors. Seeing how much fear Negan put into Gregory’s men by them coming back and attacking Gregory was scary. They done a great job at showing how real deal Negan is without having Negan appear.

Also with Negan, Maggie and the group make a trade for food with Gregory’s group. What do they have to do in return? Kill Negan and the saviors. Seeing this be why they target Negan doesn’t have me excited. It’s almost like Rick and the group are hired goons, I would have much rathered it be more personal and have them give Rick and the group more motivation to killing Negan.

The Walking Dead had a good episode that turned Rick and the groups attention to Negan.



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