Supergirl S1E15- Solitude Review!!

This week on Supergirl Kara visited the fortress of solitude and Indigo made an impact.


Kara’s visit to the fortress of solitude was a quick one but it was still awesome. Seeing Supermans fortress and the history in it was really cool and while it served the main plot some what it was a visit for the fans. Now we have seen pretty much everything but Superman on the show, is he next?

Indigo looked to nuke National city. Indigo was pretty cool but she eventually falled flat. Her plot wasn’t anything special and whilst it was cool to see her powers which were realized brilliantly she just didn’t hit right. Although I do like how she is going to be tying into the overall arc of the season with Non now in her possession of her parts.

We learnt a little more about Siobhan. I really enjoyed this look at her, they stripped her down a bit and let you peak inside her life and why she is the way she is. I also really liked how they had Winn and her hook up, finally Winn gets a score.

The relationship drama continued this episode. Jimmy and Lucy’s relationship continued to go down the drain. This again, was meh, I don’t like all of this relationship drama, this show doesn’t do it well and it just drags. There relationship is over, which I’m happy about and I hope that this plot just goes away.

Alex finally told Kara the truth about Astra. This was really emotional, you could tell how much it was eating Alex up inside about not telling Kara the truth. They played up Kara’s anger towards Hank perfectly which made this moment of truth from Alex hit really hard. Seeing Alex ball her eyes out because she knows she could lose her sister but she can’t live with the lie was so emotional. This hit really hard and they executed the scene brilliantly.

Supergirl had a short visit to the fortress of solitude in a good episode.




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