Agent Carter S2E10- Hollywood Ending Review!!

Agent Carter finished up its second season with a Hollywood Ending.


We picked up right where the last episode left us with Jason blowing up. This was a pretty good way to get the zero matter our of Jason and give it to Whitney to up the stakes. It serviced everyone involved and I liked how they done it. Although I do find it weird how Whitney could have killed them easily but decided to walk slow and say that she will catch them like you can shoot zero matter out of your hands for god sakes.

Seeing Whitney in this deranged mood with her writing algorithms on the walls was cool. Whitney has had so many changes throughout this season and she really is a wonderful villain.

Howard Stark made his return this week. Howard was a great addition to the episode, he was hilarious and his scenes were some of the best. He served the story well to, with him helping build a machine to open the portal to the zero matter realm.

The machine was cool and they used it to pull Whitney out. But I don’t know how she didn’t know it was a trap like who else could have opened the portal? Some random? Of course it was Peggy. Although Whitney is a great character, she was really dumb this episode.

The stakes were raised a lot to. I liked the ending with all the guys putting their hands up to shut down the portal, it was quite funny but I’m glad they made Sousa do it. It gave Peggy something to fear and although the scene was a bit long it still hit well.

It was great to see Peggy have a happy ending with her finally kissing Sousa and having them be happily ever after together?? They also laid some ties down for a potential season 3 with know one knowing what the pin is and someone killing Jack and taking a top secret file.

Agent Carter finished its second season on high note with a great episode with a lot of stakes.



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