FarCry Primal Review!!

When Primal was announced I was a bit worried, FarCry has been a game that has very much been modern, with guns, wingsuits, helicopters etc. So when Primal done away with all of that I wasn’t sure how well it was going to work, well I’m happy to report its great.

We pick up as a caveman in 10 000 BC named Takkar who after a hunt lost all of his people and is left to build his own group. The story really doesn’t get much more complicated then that. It’s pretty weak, and whilst I appreciate the effort with the team making there own language to keep you involved it just didn’t hit right. Nothing big really goes on and I found myself skipping cut scenes quite early through the game. The game took me around 17 hours to complete and thats with doing everything so its a decent length.

The missions that you are given throughout the main story aren’t anything special or new either. They’re quite fine and some of them can be fun but there wasn’t anything innovative and it was just more of the same that we have seen many games do.

Aswell as the main missions there are side missions that you can do. The side missions range from good to bad. I really enjoyed the beast kills and tribal clash side missions, they gave you great rewards and were really fun. The one I didn’t like however was the escort missions, they were really slow and it just didn’t feel right. They were boring and at times the people you are escorting wold refuse to move and you would have to restart the mission, incredibly frustrating.

The game play is where Primal shines. It’s still that same FarCry game play, you will be hunting animals, harvesting materials, crafting better items and over taking outposts. It all works perfectly and it makes a ton of sense given the setting. Back in those days, thats how they lived and knowing that adds to the experience.

The actual gun play is stripped down with you only having 3 main weapons with those being clubs, spears and a trusty bow and arrow. The bow and arrow works like it did in previous games and its still a ton of fun. The club is a great melee weapon with a ton of weight to it. The club works great which surprised me considering FarCry has never had that great melee combat. The Spear was by far my favorite, both a long and short range weapon, its incredibly strong and there is no better feeling then one hitting someone with a spear.

The new addition to the game play is the ability to tame animals. There are tons of animals that you are able to tame and they really bring a new element to the game. Each animal has a distinct feel, with some being better in stealth situations, some having more health and some being incredibly strong. My favourite animal to use was the Sabertooth Tiger, with both speed and strength as well as the ability to ride it into battle like a badass. The animals were quite easy to tame and didn’t require much skill which was a bit disappointing.

There are a ton of skills and items to craft as well. The skill tree is massive and when you put a point into a ability you really feel the difference. The crafting is also great, its still the same old stuff, better weapons, more storage space etc. There is also base building, where you build specific peoples huts in your camp to get xp and unlock abilities. This is pretty basic but its a nice addition and it fits in nicely.

The game is graphically beautiful, the world is so beautifully realized and its a joy to adventure in. The game was for the most part glitch free and ran well on the PS4. The trophy list was diverse but also really easy.

Whilst FarCry Primal has a boring and bland story, the game play has never been better which makes it a worthy addition to the FarCry series.



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