DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S1E7- Marooned Review!

This week on Legends of Tomorrow, the team encounter time pirates.


We got bits and pieces of Rips past and why he is the man he is. I really enjoyed these, we got an idea of how serious the time masters are with love and how in there ranks they won’t allow it. We also got a nice insight into Rips origins with the time masters and how he met his wife. You can tell why Rip fell for her and why he fights to have her back everyday.

The main plot with the time pirates was good also. We learnt how infamous Rip is and it was great to have this little detour and spend some time in space. It featured some great humor and references to with Ray referencing Star Trek and Star Wars multiple times.

Ray and Kendra continued there little love plot from last episode. They had some great interactions and it was much better then the love triangle from last week. You can see how they have grown closer to each other and seeing Kendras face when Ray was dying confirmed that.

Snart and Sara shared some nice moments this episode. These two characters were able to have some quiet moments and connect with each other as they were slowly dying. I really enjoyed this insight into how it felt to die from Sara and Snart telling the story of how Mick saved Snart which plays into there plot.

Mick had some big moments this episode which also extended to Snart. Seeing how Mick is after Snart knocked him out and took him away from 2046 was really great. His changed and in a dark place and doesn’t look at Snart in the same way anymore, he feels betrayed. He does some things throughout the episode that leave him irredeemable to the team which play into the big moment of the episode being Snart killing Mick. This came out of nowhere and you can tell how bad this hurt Snart. But it was for the greater good of the world and shows how far the two have grown apart with Snart wanting to save the world and Mick still wanting to be a criminal and it shows how both of these lifestyles can’t work together.

Legends of Tomorrow had a good episode that had big implications for Mick.



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