The Walking Dead S6E12- Not Tomorrow Yet Review!

This week on The Walking Dead, Rick and the group made moves on Negan.


Whenever a character gets a lot of spotlight that they haven’t gotten for a while or ever you know something is going to happen to them. Carol got that spotlight this episode and whilst nothing to big happened to her compared to when other characters got it, they are foreshadowing something big.

Carols stuff took up the bulk of the first part of the episode which was pretty horrible. It dragged and it wasn’t at all exciting nor interesting. I don’t care about Carol smoking or making cookies or her apparent relationship with one of the people. I didn’t need it, it was boring and poorly paced.

The first part of the episode felt like the biggest filler ever and compared to the second part it felt way different, almost like two different episodes. They could have filled that stuff out better but they didn’t. There was only one bit of the first part of the episode that I liked and it was Abraham being a savage.

Despite the first part of the episode being bad, the second part was significantly better. This was all the group preparing and going after Negan, it was intense, exciting and everything that The Walking Dead should be.

Seeing the planning and attack on Negan’s base was so much fun. They gave the attack atmosphere, it was intense but quiet and they made you really feel the tension. It was also really emotional for a couple characters and it really pushed a couple characters forward especially Glenn.

Glenn killing his first human ever after 6 seasons of this show is crazy. Its not something that you think about but when you think back he hasn’t. Seeing his reaction to killing was so organic and it made it even more impactful that they were asleep and he killed them without his life at risk. It really hit home.

Rick and the group were like the bad guys that they fight against, slaughtering people in there sleep like it was nothing, its kind of hard to be on there side when there doing this. It was an interesting decision and it really made you question who you root for.

I didn’t like Negans bad guys though, they made them swear and be rude a ton to try and get across to us that they are bad. They didn’t need to do this, we already knew they were the bad guys. Plus how did none of these horrifyingly bad people not even scratch one of Ricks men??? Everyone got out unscathed? They should have had something happen.

The Walking Dead had horrible pacing issues this episode which led to an ok episode.



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