Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. S3E11- Bouncing Back Review!

Agents of Shield returned this week with a bunch of new Inhumans entering the game.


We got a couple new Inhumans this episode though the stand out was Yoyo. Her powers were so unique and cool and I loved seeing her utilize them. They made Yoyo such a cool character and you really connect with her throughout the episode.

Despite how awesome Yoyo is the plot surrounding her was a bit meh. Not that it was bad but it just wasn’t all that good either. It was serviceable at best and it was pretty throw away. It didn’t add anything to the overall story of the season and it kind of felt like filler.

The other plot featured Coulson as he dealed with the fallout from the last couple episodes. You can see how much Coulson has changed from what happened, he is much darker and kind of scary. Coulson is on this blind revenge plot for Malick and it makes for some interesting TV.

Coulson done some pretty hardcore things this episode, such as bringing in Von Strucker to get information on how to get to Malick. This was sort of villainous, cause he put Strucker through a lot of pain and made him go through what he went through with Tahiti. The lengths Coulson is willing to go to get Malick are massive.

Fitz and Simmons hit the reset button this episode. This didn’t get much spotlight and it felt kind of rushed.I would have liked them to play it out a bit and give it some development but I’m overall fine with what they done.

Seeing this new Ward was super scary to. His all warped and twisted and that was when he was weak. As he continues to get stronger he is going to get scarier and I really like what they are doing with him.

Agents of SHIELD returned with a decent episode.



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