Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2 Review!

The latest trailer for the highly anticipated Captain America: Civil War has dropped, so check it out below and see my thoughts on the trailer.

Lets start with the big thing that everyone besides me it seems is going crazy about and that’s Spider-Man. Now I’m not a Spider-Man fan by any stretch of the imagination, I don’t find him to be an interesting character and I find him to be incredibly over hyped. Although I did like his look here, the cgi with his suit looks a bit off so hopefully they touch that up before the release but I like his suit. They managed to do some different to whats come before which is a feat in its own given how many suits of Spidey we have seen on screen.

However I don’t agree with them showing Spider-Man. They should have kept him a secret until the film came out. We didn’t need to see Spider-Man, we were already sold on the film. They should have given him the Vision treatment from the Age of Ultron marketing, it just felt like they wanted to stick it to DC a couple weeks before Batman V Superman, which wasn’t the right move. His inclusion also broke the serious tone of the trailer, there were no jokes until the very end with him, which was odd.

Now let’s get to the overall trailer, I liked it but I didn’t love it. I felt as if the trailer was a little slow and didn’t build up the way I wanted it to. After each viewing I give the trailer it grows on me but I still feel like it was missing something.

I really liked how they showed the way they are tying in previous Marvel movies into this one. They done it really well and seeing how the events in Avengers, Winter Soldier and Age of Ultron can make something like this happen.

I liked all of the action shots to, it is very much following the style from The Winter Soldier which is a great move because in my opinion that movie is the best Marvel film. Seeing them all lock up in such a real way is so refreshing to see in these movies where the can go off the rails so easily.

The stand out from this trailer was Black Panther though. He is easily the thing I’m most excited about in this movie. Seeing him run down Bucky, who was on a  motorbike was incredibly badass. I also liked the shot of Ant-Man on Hawkeyes arrow although I would have liked to have it be saved for the film. A lot of people had questions on whether team Cap would be able to stand up to Vision and they answered that with this trailer which was so cool, they really thought all of this out.

The second Captain America: Civil War wasn’t as good as the first one but it still has me excited to see the implosion of the Avengers.



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