DC’S Legends of Tomorrow S1E8- Night Of The Hawk Review!

This week on Legends of Tomorrow, the team travel back to the 1950’s to stop Savage.


With the team being able to travel back to the 1950’s and live normal lives for a bit as they try and find Savage it gave them time to address some of the issues that were present back then. I really enjoyed this, having them face issues such as sexism and racism was great. It was really well done and I’m glad that they took that risk to deal with those problems. I feel it was very important for them to do that.

All of the individual plots were linked to one main plot. It was very supernatural and a bit out there but it was cool to see how crafty and smart Savage is. The whole Hawk part was pretty weird but I enjoyed it. Although with the hawks I found it weird that Kendra really didn’t have any moments with them, especially given that she is a hawk herself. And Jax becoming a hawk was a bit meh to, it really didn’t bring anything to the episode.

It was fun to see the team livng there normal lives also. With Sara and Martin being both Doctor and Nurse, Ray and Kendra being newlyweds and Jax being the new kid in town. For the first time it let them settle in and make more of a personal impact on the time period and the people in it rather then big earth shattering impacts.

I also liked how they addressed Snart killing off Mick. Jax especially gave it to him and you can tell by Snart’s attitude how much it hurt him to have to do it. He showed emotion and he was a broken character and it was really great to see them rip his walls down like that.

The ending to the episode was pretty hectic also, with the waverider taking off without Sara, Ray and Kendra. It’s a really interesting plot they are setting up here and I’m excited to see just how each of them handle being stranded.

Legends of Tomorrow got freaky this week with a good episode.



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